Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday Half Day

What did we do on a Wednesday afternoon that Master is off?

Want to guess?

Fix the fence? Garden? Mow the lawn?


I was just finishing up mowing the lawn when he pulled up and waved at me.  I shut off the mower and he said after he ate I should get prepared.  I made one more pass around the yard and put it away, getting back in time to make him a drink. 

He took me upstairs, had me take his clothes off, then I had to go back for the camera as he intended to make some movies. He put my cuffs on and told me I had to wear The Boots.  He put me on my back on the settee, then I sucked him, using the silver giant vibrator at the same time while he videoed me.   I do not look as much like a gagging goldfish as I feared.  

He gave me a flogging, then to the bed, where he had me do more of the same, and more videos.  He put the clover clamps on me and, man, I am whiny.  They just hurt so much.  I had to do another cheer for my present giver.   He acted like he was going to electrify them.  I didn't really believe it, but at the same time it was making me jumpy.

He tied my hands with the leather strap, fucked me, and then moved onto the games. 
One of his favorite games is the Alphabet song. It has many variations. For this version I had to sing one certain word only, a trigger word (good trigger, conditioned, not a negative one) to the tune of the alphabet song, while wearing the clover clamps and getting fucked. I lost track of the tune pretty dang quick. He reminded me that I was on "G". He just thinks it is fun to get me totally pain induced-stupid and then try to make me do stuff with ma brain.

There was more pain, and fucking, more nipple clamps, clothespins on my labia, on my clit (ow), and paddling (double ow!) and the misery stick.   

He fucked my ass hard and long.  It felt fricking amazing, actually.  Then he pulled out and I sucked him again before he had me get out of bed and lie on the floor.  He came all over me, frosted me again, standing above me.  He said he'd never seen come bounce before!   Right off my nose!  I was allowed to touch myself and I came while watching him.  

Today I'm feeling pretty subdroppy.  Hopefully it will pass soon.  I've been busy with chores around the house, plus I had to take one of the kids to a Dr. appointment this morning.  Cream of Wheat with brown sugar and almonds is my friend.   Comfort food.   

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