Friday, May 22, 2015

Tentacle Sex

The title should be enough warning, right?

She was lying naked in the sand.  It was warm and dry there.  She was so relaxed.  So very relaxed.  The waves washed the beach down lower.  The sun was gentle with her and the sound of the waves soothed her mind into a blankness.  A hypnotic space.  She felt the tentacles coming up her body.  But she wasn't frightened.  Nothing could hurt her here; she just relaxed as the tentacle pressed its suckered way between her legs and another sought her ass.  They squirmed inside her.  A third tentacle tightly roamed over her belly.  It clenched hard on her sore nipple, which had already been clamped with metal for tenderizing earlier.

Another was in her mouth, causing her to gag.  Her Master told her to come as she gagged, bringing the realization back that it was his hand going down her throat, and the tentacles were in her mind.  

As his cock replaced his fingers in her mouth she was coming up from hypnosis, maybe, possibly.  It is always so hard to tell.  Sometimes she thinks she's awake and she's not.  At some point the anal beads had been a tentacle.  Perhaps that was the night before. And his cock in her other hole had been a tentacle as well.  

    He had described the suckers inching across me, all over, invading me, violating me with their false soothing, their beastly alien intelligence and slippery ways. As I arched my back and squirmed he told me:

"You are going to write about this tomorrow and everyone will see just how perverted you are."   

"Yes, Master."  

I think we are a well matched set of perverts.  :)


  1. Sigh*
    you had me at "tentacle sex". But we don't have to tell, right? Lol.

  2. oh how did i miss this!

    loved it, you are very descriptive, and it always comes across well...very hot.



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