Friday, May 29, 2015

Really Hard Time

Last night was a really hard time for me, but for a change for this week it was a Very Good Hard Time.
I moaned, I whimpered, I cried, I came. 

He used the cutting board paddle, with associated baseball wind-up, as I bent over a kitchen chair.  It hurt so bad!  Then he used the hickory cane, which was nearly as bad.  There was some big wind-up on that too.


It was out of the park last night.

There was much more too, especially the misery stick and the belt, and the willow cane, and I enjoyed it all as much as I could when it was really, really hurting.  He caned my breasts, my poor nipples, and my inner thighs, and a lot of tapping on my cunt, which was very hot.  He stood on my neck and made me come.  I love that feeling, being literally under his foot, being told that I'm his possession, his fucking cunt.  

Choking, slapping, fucking, coming, I loved it all.  Curling up with him afterward I passed straight into sleep.  

He is my shiny Master, too.

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