Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday Night As Parents and Saturday Morning Scene Negotiations

Last night was the fun fair at school.  You may remember how I agonized last year about having to do it alone (or maybe not).  This year Master actually beat us there. It was just me and the littler kid (he's 10) meeting him there since the older kid (a few weeks from being 14) decided he was too old for this sort of little kid fun and besides none of his friends were going (ahggg the march of time!).

With Master to hang out with me it was pretty fun.  We did the cake walk together and I won a cake my first try!  (diet=poof)

I told him about this new coming show called Submissive Wives (TLC).  It starts Sunday.  I'll have to watch it for discussion's sake if we are not still hosting our party at that time, but I'm afraid I'll hate it.  I have a lot of opinions on these things, and it isn't a topic easily shortened to good TV, or even mediocre TV.

We got home and pretty much conked right out after putting dogs and kids to bed.

In the morning I woke up feeling needy and snuggled up to him.  Then it went about like this:

Him: Scoot over.

I scootch about 3 inches farther from him in the bed

Him: No, scoot over more than that.

I scoot 3 more inches, to within a foot of the edge on my side.

Soooo far away.
So cold.

He sprawls out on his side

Me: It's cold over here.

Him: Ok, come back over here then.

I wrap myself all around him again with one arm and one leg.

Him: Now roll over, slavegirl.

I roll over.  After a few minutes of lying still I ask if I can touch myself.  He says yes.  Then he pushes me down to his cock and tells me to keep fingering myself as I suck.

In a few more minutes he rolls me over on my back and takes me.  He asks me if I want to be beaten.  Of course I say "Yes, Master" and he begins slapping my face back and forth, harder and harder until both cheeks are stinging and sore.  Then my breasts get the same treatment, and he punches my arms.  When he commands it, I come, and hard!

Then he tells me to get up and make breakfast, abruptly stopping. 
 I get up, make my way to the dresser but he's behind me, gripping my hair at the base of my neck, bending me over and fucking me again.  He stops again. 

Reminds me: "Breakfast!"

  But I don't make it two steps before he's grabbed me, pushed me to the floor and is fucking my mouth hard, gagging and choking me.  I don't think he's going let up, but then he does. He throws me forward to my hands and knees and enters me hard.  He lets me come again.  He punches me in the ass and tells me to hurry up and get his breakfast going, because he's going to have to leave soon. 

 At this point I'm just crawling. I crawl to where my robe is hanging and pull it down by one corner to the floor.  I'm just waiting for him to begin his assaults again.  But this time he doesn't.  I stop quickly at the bathroom and then go down to fix breakfast. 

 When I get to the kitchen the clock shows 6:09.

 Before he leaves for work I stop up in the bedroom again as he's getting dressed.  He orders me to lie on the floor and show my cunt. 

"That cunt is mine", He tells me.

"Yes, Master."

 He takes the tiny flogger (it is a baby one, a key chain really) and flogs my cunt until I orgasm again.

It's been a good sticky morning, and all before 7 am! 




  1. Wait, what?
    We don't do tv.
    All this parent by day kinky by night gives me hope.

    1. We're having guests over tomorrow, and I can't find a time for the show anyway, so I may miss it. It doesn't seem to be about BDSM at all, more Biblically based submission.

  2. Any sticky morning is good, no matter what time it is ; ) It sound hot how he chased you around !

    1. That was fun, kinda messes with my head too, when he keeps telling me to do something and then preventing me from doing. Hot, though.

  3. LOL...all i could think of as i read is....sticky buns for breakfast...yummy!
    hugs abby
    PS...will do the 12 facts this coming week.


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