Thursday, May 21, 2015

SCC: communication prompts

The Submissive Coffee Club is a perfect name in my mind, warm and welcoming, so I had to check out this site.  I think I will use their writing prompts also, though I have nowhere near run out of dirty stories to write.   

Prompt set #115

- Has your everyday language been altered by your lifestyle language?

Only with my Master.  I talk about things with him in a way that is not the same as how I speak otherwise.  It is a unique intimate form of communication, especially since I can be a little awkward with others.  With him, things just flow, and we have our own private references sprinkled through conversation, but that has always been there.  The new part is the deference, and the obvious and explicit shows of respect that I give to him mostly just when we are alone together.  One example might be "I'm yours, Master" or "Whatever you want, Master", just whenever it seems appropriate.
- Do you use non-verbal forms of communication in your dynamic?

 Like waving his cock at me when he wants it sucked?  Or when he snaps his fingers I come.  When he waves his tea cup at me I know he wants more tea.  Yes, we have signals like that.  They are not any super secret sign language though, he hasn't found that necessary.  Many forms of intimate touch and body language are a natural non verbal communication.  The better you know someone the more of that you do, I think.

- Has your lifestyle language cause any bloopers in your everyday life?

Very rarely.  I think one time he called me "slave" in front of the kids, but they didn't appear to notice since the TV was on.

I am not the type to shout "Master!" across a crowed room, even one with all kinky friends, and especially not in a vanilla crowd.  It is more of an intimate name for him that I use when we are close.


  1. there are some good prompts there, i have never done this sort of thing before but..its either resort to them or have a rant about the bossman (ok throwing my toys out the pram lol) and im determined not to!

  2. Lol ... on my subs phone, just typing M, will result in Master as a first suggestion. And if I type s, all slutty suggestions do appear. Curious if your phone has the same issue ? :)

    1. I don't have that kind of phone...I am definitely techo-deficient here.


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