Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How a Broken Transmission Turns into Breakfast For Two

I was just getting the second kid ready for school when Master called and said I needed to come get him.  His car had died as he was dropping Kid #1 off at school.  He had PUSHED the car, by himself, from the school to Mystique's house and he was waiting there for me. 

  I threw on my clothes, tossed the dogs who hadn't been outside yet into the outdoor kennels and hurried over, but he had already gone to work before I got there.
  She had said "Why don't you take my car?" after he'd talked to me.  I made several phone calls, from Master to a repair shop and then back to him to report what they said.  Hmm, a new transmission or a new car, not such good news, but he knew this day was coming for the old car. 

Myst wanted to go out for breakfast with me, but first I had to call Master for permission.  It is something that, on one hand, I love, asking him for permission for anything, but on the other it always embarrasses me to come out and say things like "I can't go out without asking".  So I hem and haw and don't really say that, then I just call him.

 I really don't know why it should embarrass me, it's not like she didn't already know that was the case, but it still does, even after all this time. 

He said yes, I could go.  We went to this great little diner nearby.  You know the one in a small town where all the older people meet for breakfast and conversation?   The one that is packed and there is a short wait for a table on a Wednesday morning, or you can sit at the counter.  

You can get pecan pancakes for $3.50 there.   
The waitress will ask "Do you girls want more coffee?" every few minutes, forever.  
And she'll give an older guy, obviously a regular, a one-arm hug when he complains jokingly "Uh, Miss, this banana is cold".   

And yes, we do want more coffee, forever.  We should do that more often, without the car breaking down part.  It was good to catch up on the girl chats.

I'm gonna ask when he gets home.

Or maybe just wait until he reads this. 


  1. That sounds delicious and not just the breakfast. How lovely! =) Not the car breaking down bit though... ugh! Hope that works out for you!!

  2. We went to the US many years ago now, and omg i loved the breakfasts, we found a really nice diner that we went to pretty much everyday..the pancakes just yummy...not found anywhere here that even halfway comes as close to being as good as.

    It is nice to catch up and have girly time, i try to make time for it as much as i am able to.

    Hope the car gets fixed and on the road soon.


  3. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. Today Master took my car, so I'm just hanging out here, getting some work done. Not that different from most days actually, except Mystique called first thing and asked if I needed anything or needed to go anywhere. She's awesome. <3


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