Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No Rest For the Wicked

For Mother's Day, Master took us out to eat breakfast, which was delicious and fun.  Originally I had asked for a picnic in the park with doughnuts when he asked me what I wanted to do.

 My day, my choice!  Woooo!

 But Sunday morning was cold and windy and dreary wet (like it still is) so I let myself be talked into Perkins instead, where there would be dry seats and hot coffee coming continuously.   

After breakfast and a hike around the park we had work at home to do.  We worked on our fence building for a time, then the neighbor who sells us firewood came around.  This time he had a young guy with him who might have been his son in law, instead of his wife who usually comes to help unload and stack wood.  

All four of us were unloading the wood into the shed and Master asked him if he gave his wife the day off because of it being Mother's Day and all.  

The neighbor said "Ya, day off". 
You know, the way those talkative men do.

   Master nodded at me and said "Well, you can see around here there is no rest for the wicked".   That got a good laugh.

Dinner was in the crockpot, a lamb and bean soup made by Master the night before, so I didn't have to do anything but make a salad and serve.  It was delicious.

Later that night he'd give no indication of interest but as we were lying in bed about to sleep he says "You know you want to.  Go ahead and suck my cock."  

Mmmmmmmmm and I did. :) 



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely mother's day! :-)

    I'm always confused by the concept of a 'day off'---is that actually possible?

    1. Not for slaves! Although he did manage it that I didn't have to cook anything for one day. I did do laundry, dishes, my on the computer job, and that other stuff I mentioned...

  2. ah, now I do get a day off now and then, one a year or so. he sends me off by myself for the day, to have lunch with my mum and go to the cinema or to an art gallery or something. He gets one too of course, he goes and does blokey things with his friends. (by which i mean pizza and all day gaming, mostly)

  3. Whats a day off? lol

    Actually i do get a weekend away with girlie friends once a year, but then im inclined to think that even though one may not be actually submitting, its the mental bonds that are always present.


    1. I never really want time away. If I'm going away, I want him to come too! I do appreciate a break from cooking, though.


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