Monday, May 25, 2015

Game of Thrones Fetish

Yeah, confession time. 

After last week's Sansa's wedding night (third times a charm?) episode my Master has been perfecting his Ramsay Bolton ultra creepy voice to use on me.

I find it hot. And creepy.

I also, I totally want to find myself in an orgy of Sand Snakes some day (the women, not actual snakes).

 Meet the Sand Snakes


  1. I love that program, over here, i dont know about the US but that scene where Ramsay took Sansa's virginity has caused a huge uproar, people complaining about it, really!!! i would say there is a lot more in the program that people could complain about...incest for a start!

    But regardless im enjoying the series, have you read the books?

    sorry rambled off topic lol

    1. I like your rambling. I'm sure the whole show has caused more than one uproar here, but I haven't been paying that much attention to that part. I have read up through book four now, and find that only confusing for the TV show. They have gone so far from all the book plots now that it might as well be some totally different thing, which is fine, as the later books get kind of slow. But even with having read the books now I never know what is going to happen!


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