Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Property Reminder

I had one of these Monday night.  

The next day at the grocery store I was reaching for stuff and feeling it in my arms.

"What is with my arms?" I wondered for a bare second. 

Then I remembered all the punching I took.  I took a peek, right there in the store.  Oh yeah, they are bruised faintly.  Another reminder.   

Then I started remembering all the rest too. Hot. Violent. Forced. Eager. Painful. Necessary.  
Reminders of him the next day.


  1. Sometimes it is nice to get a reminder :)

  2. It is nice to ensure reminders too :)
    I like the 6 word summary .. "Hot. Violent. Forced. Eager. Painful. Necessary." Especialy the last word :)

  3. Being reminded of reminders out and about, carrying on with life, can add a little umph to the reminder :-)


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