Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ten Random Facts

If you comment on this writing I will give you a number between 1 and 20 and you can share that many random facts about you if you wish.  There is no obligation if you don't wish to write about yourself!

danae at 

has given me the number 10, so here are 10 somewhat rambling random facts about me:

1. I grew up in a perfectly middle class family but we never had a clothes dryer, a microwave, or any new furniture, or many other things my friends had.  We had no TV after I was about age 8 when our old one broke. That old TV was always referred to as "Grandmother's TV" because my mom's grandmother gave it to her when Grandmother bought a newer model. 
My first pair of shoes were leather and hand made by my mom.
 Yes, my parents were/are hopeless Luddites, even more than I am.   

2. Instead of little amenities they had a second house in the country where they kept horses and sheep.  My first horse was a grade ex-lesson horse named Shamrock.  Most of my classmates spent weekends at the mall, but I was riding, working on the farm- we painted, remodeled, gardened, hauled debris out of the woods, all that good stuff.  Mostly, I spent weekends shoveling horse shit.  I was a very strong 13-14 year old.

3. The friend/dog trainer/dog breeder who became the caretaker of that property (not a ritzy place, merely a small house with acreage) was was the first dominant unrelated figure in my life, as I see it when I look back on it.  I utterly worshiped her in a non sexual way and did everything I could for her, including menial chores.  She worked in a horse stable and on weekends or during the summer "let" me come along and muck out stalls with her for 6 or 8 hours a day.  I wasn't paid, except that she'd buy my lunch.  Sometimes I also cleaned tack, and best of all, occasionally I was allowed to lunge (exercise on a long rope) a horse.   I loved horses, but I was also quite devoted to my mentor, who was a little younger than my parents.  She passed away when she was 45.  

4. I seriously consider saying "Fuck it" and eating every bit of junk food in the house at least once a day.  Or driving 10 miles to the nearest store to get some.

5. I never (ok, rarely) actually do it.

6. Some of these are supposed to be kinky so... I crave most to be forced to do things I don't actually want to do, or maybe just that I don't want to admit to wanting to do.  It makes no logical sense, but there you are.  I guess this is a force fetish?

7.  My first kink, or fetish, whatever you want to call it, one that Master discovered when we first began living together, was leather.  The feel, the smell, the taste-- everything.   I used to have a "special" piece.  Now we have a lot of it:  floggers, collar, jacket, skirt, never too much.  

8.   Some days my mind can not move off of kinky daydreams even while carrying out ordinary activities.  The top four recurring, impossible-to-remove thoughts I have are: his belt, caning, whipping, and being forced into humiliating positions.

9.  My husband, Master and Lord is Amazing.  

10.  Last but not least:  Master and I met in high school.  I was 15, he's 2 and a half years older.  I joined the D&D club, of which he was the president.  I'd been playing the game since I was in 5th grade.  I was painfully shy, but he brought me out to the front and paid attention to me.  If it wasn't love at first sight, it was at least infatuation because my diary at the time is filled with what he was wearing each day and how many times I saw him in the hallways.  A year later we began dating.  After the first date I told him I loved him.


  1. WOW....to number 10...that is pretty amazing...and leather, nothing is better.
    Sounds like fun..i am in.
    hugs abby

  2. Sounds like it could be entertaining. Yours were good though. I like the junk food truth; I am the same way.

    1. You have number 12. My special craving this week is donuts. Last week it was Snickers.

  3. I loved your random facts...I can't believe you told him you love him after your first date :-) And I also know all about love at first sight. What was your FIRST kinky toy?


    1. Evidently I have always been more honest than smart. I can't believe nobody asked what he said back to me then. Basically "Let me sleep on it".


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