Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Beautiful (Rainy) Sunday

After our weigh in (the same as last week), and after breakfast (biscuits with strawberries) he called me upstairs with him.  I took off my robe and stood there in my underwear next to the bed.  Master took my throat and propelled me backwards to the dresser.  He picked up his big knife and without saying anything he cut both sides of my panties and pulled them off.  He tied them around my eyes to blind me and pushed me to my knees.  I couldn't see what he grabbed from the toy drawer, but as soon as I felt it I recognized the misery stick. 

Starting out hard with the most painful implement is, well, painful.   I sucked him hard, doing the absolute best I could and was rewarded with his happy sounds and comments. 

 The stick kept coming down on my sore butt, and Master ordered me to come several times just for fun.  He switched to the belt, beating on my back and ass.  I concentrated on his cock which was so delicious, just what I wanted. 

When he moved to the bed he took the blindfold panties off my eyes and stuffed them in my mouth instead.  He tied one hand to the bed and gave me the vibrator to hold in the other.  He fucked me as I used it, sometimes hold my nose shut, then letting me breathe and come at the same time.  It was so amazingly good.



  1. Hot! Love that he cut your panties off and used them as a blindfold and a gag. :)

    1. I love that too! Everything about it is so hot. Even that he let me go and buy new panties last weekend because so many of them have been wrecked :) :).


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