Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Typical Slavey Day

Today so far I have:

Cooked Master's breakfast: fried potatoes and sausages with cheese and Tabasco.

Prepared lunch for him to take to work.

Got the kids off to school.

Sewed up an ailing favorite stuffed animal.  I'm not sure how many more years this guy has.  He gets sewn up a lot.

Let dogs in and out.

Had coffee and breakfast.

Got dinner cooking in the crock pot.

Began making rolls for dinner in the bread maker.

Made a fire.  

Swept the floors.

Made phone calls.  During the call to the kids' doctor, had to scold one of the dogs for trying to eat a box of fencing staples. 

Walked/jogged/climbed stairs for total of 20 minutes.

Did some work on the computer, made a few bucks.  :)  

Made the fire go again after it tried to fizzle out.

Vacuumed the rug in the living room.

It's noon-ish.  I need some tea.





  1. sounds about normal for us...cook clean take care of house and kids...Oh and tea is like coffee...a MUST have

  2. Wow all that and it was before lunch time. Well done!

    Hugs Lindy


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