Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Master hit me square in the eye when I was right in the middle of an orgasm tonight.  I didn't see it coming and thought he was being a bastard.  It only made me come harder.   It turned out it was totally accidental and he was just trying to move his arm around to the back of me and I leaned forward just at the wrong second.  I don't think I have a black eye but it hurts.  

The ouchie places from him punching and biting my chest were completely intentional. 


  1. Daddy once hit mouse, yeah it was a zig verses zag moment, right between the eyes.

    He paused play, got mouse an ice pack and then continued. And eventually the ice pack was used in other ways. 😍


  2. Punching is so not my kink. I'd probably go primal and start punching him. Lol However ineffectual that would be.

  3. The differences in accidental and intentional are comical in this post. Glad you had a great time, and that the one punch didn't ruin the fun.

    1. It WAS pretty funny to us too, and didn't ruin the fun at all. We are often laughing during play.

      Another time he accidentally gave me a fat bruised lip and I had to go to work that way. Nobody asked about it, but I had a story ready just in case. He didn't want me to say it happened during sex.


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