Monday, January 25, 2016

Weigh Ins?

So... I haven't stepped on the scale since the second week of January.   The week after Christmas my weight was fine, unchanged. The week after that somehow I had gained 3 lbs.  I'm going to blame Christmas feasting catching up with me.  (It does that, right? The sneak attack?)

 Master stopped doing the weigh ins for me, even when I reminded him about it he would just frown at me.  So discouraging.  This week I feel like I really overindulged and my pants barely fit. Ugh!  I didn't get on the scale, but instead decided to only have a salad for dinner and work harder on my exercising.  
That was ok until about 7:30 (we ate at 5:30) when I was very hungry and on the edge of getting grouchy.  I had an apple and we watched Downton Abbey.  Surprisingly the apple was enough.  

I'm determined not to continue blowing up like a balloon!   


  1. I feel that struggle myself. I lost about 30 lbs, but gained about 15 of it back since this summer. I'm not back on track (more or less) to re-lose those 15 and continue making progress.

    I hope it works for you!

  2. I also have fluctuating weight. I really have to watch what I eat and when. Master likes to eat late (8pm). Unfortunately if I ate that late I would have acid reflux bad! So now I make sure we eat around 6:30ish.

    1. I've been suffering bad acid reflux lately too. I'm trying more pepcid now, and also looking at what I eat. But I'm not giving up coffee and tea, no way.


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