Saturday, January 30, 2016

Waking Up Raring To Go

I woke up this morning with barely any covers left on and reached over to Master's warm side.  All the covers were sliding off that way.  He woke too and grabbed me by the cunt hair.   I said I was hoping for a beating ( a big one) sometime soon.  He told me to suck and play with his cock.  After the sucking, there was fucking, paddling, caning.  I had a hard time coming.  I seemed to have a block there this morning, even though I wanted to and was right on the edge, I just couldn't quite orgasm, even when he was telling me to.  

Eventually he let me use the vibrator, and he teased me right up to the edge over and over.  But I still couldn't come.  It was getting really super frustrating, because he kept telling me to come and then I ....didn't.  Sigh. I felt like I was failing, and that sure didn't help with the block.
There was more beating and slapping, and everything aches now.  
I finally did come, three times in a row, while lying on my back under him as he was using the vibrator on me.  

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