Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday At Home

This morning after the kids left I asked Master his plans for the day.  

"Sitting around on the computer drinking tea for a while after breakfast, fucking and beating you, then errands." 

That was pretty much the way of it too, except after the beating/fucking I took a very long nap.   
Then we showered and did errands.

The sex bits: 

He started out with me on my knees sucking his cock, then he whacked me with the paddle/cutting board.  He had me lie on the floor and masturbate while he kicked me in the butt.  That was fun.  Then after a little more sucking he sent me away and told me he would call me when he wanted me back.

After half an hour or more I heard "Slavegirl! Get in here."

I trotted across the house all grins.

"You know what to do."

I knelt at his feet.   He watched porn. I sucked.  

After a long time he said we were going upstairs.

He gave me a really nice stingy flogging, and worked out how to do a new technique.  I was kneeling with my face on the floor at the time and couldn't see it.  He had me lie on my back and he flogged my front as well- I cover my eyes.  He nudged my knees apart with his foot.  He told me I was allowed to struggle while he was taking me, so I did.  We had some violent, slapping, biting, struggling rapey type sex on the floor.

He had just put me over his knee to spank me for biting him while holding his arms and sitting on him (hee hee!) when he gave a sudden startle shriek and jerk.  I also jumped and asked what was wrong.  There was Pepper, the dog.  She had snuck into the room without anyone seeing her and stuck her cold nose in Master's ear before he even realized she was there.    

I led her out of the room, making sure to close the door, and we picked up again right where we left off, or something close to that.

Eventually we were on the bed and I was bouncing up and down on top for all I was worth.  The real Amazon crazy fucking that he'd ordered me to perform.  I came rather massively, squirting all over, at least a few times, or half a dozen, who knows.   Then he rolled me over and fucked me until he came inside me with much great shouting.  

We cuddled up together and he reminded me that I wasn't to get any ideas about doing that stuff whenever I wanted (the biting wild Amazon stuff), but only when he told me to.  With this cozy reassurance I pretty much passed out on his chest.  When I woke up there was an impression of my collar on his chest; it looked a bit like a butterfly.  He got up to do stuff and I went back to sleep. 


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  1. Yay, rapey sex. I can't wait to actually get to do that for real.


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