Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The paddle is one of the most painful implements to me.  Something about the broad surface and the combination of stingy/thuddy feelings sends me to the ouching place quicker than almost anything.

Last night Master had me suck his cock for a long time, then told me to strip and go get the cutting board.  It's actually a cutting board that we keep in the kitchen but is only used for spanking, and it is just like a big, long paddle, with a handle and everything.

I did as he said, then followed orders to bend over.  He spanked me until my toes curled.  When he told me to come he was holding on to me to keep me from falling over.  I went a little nuts and tried to climb up on him, even tried to bite him which he fended off.  The orgasm was that huge! 

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