Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Last night, after dinner was eaten, lambs were fed, ewe was as comfortable as possible in the barn, there were still dishes to wash, laundry to run (gross lamb towels and blankets, mostly), dogs to let out, let in and feed etc. etc.  

In between doing all that, I tried to watch some of War and Peace the miniseries with Master.  I haven't read it, didn't know what was going on, and fell asleep through part of it.  When I woke up there was some kind of romance of young lovers plot going on, which was sort of entertaining.  Master was hoping there would be more battles and less mushy stuff. 

At the end he reached under my robe and tugged my panties.  Hard. There was a ripping noise, and he tugged harder until they shredded and came off.  He smacked my cunt.  

"Finish cleaning up" he said.  I did this, letting dogs in and putting the last few dishes away.  Somehow there are always more dishes appearing even after I think I've finished. 

Then when I was done with all of it he pointed to the spot at his feet.  I went and knelt.  He pulled down my robe and let me suck him.   A few minutes later he took me by the hair and pulled me across the house, threw me down over the couch and fucked me.  I was a bit too dry and it was aching.  

When we went upstairs I waited for him on the floor, pre-lubing myself with my fingers and a bit of spit.  I knew there wasn't going to be any fancy foreplay.  And there wasn't. 

"On your back, legs spread".
  He used me hard, smacked me about some, and then he was done.  He clipped my leash to my collar before I drifted gratefully off into sleep.  

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