Saturday, January 23, 2016


It was looking to be an average night last night, nothing fancy.  We had watched some TV and then I gave him a footrub.

After I had waited on him, Master told me to get in bed.  I handed him my leash so he could snap it to my collar.  He asked if I'd been a good slave that day.  I listed off the things on my list that I'd done and said yes, I had.   He reminded me that I'd also been fucked that morning and gotten him off in a very good-slave sort of way.  :)  Of course I hadn't forgotten that.

I was just about to drift off, vaguely thinking of beatings and hoping for one soon... when Master's hand drifted between my legs.  I moaned, and pressed against his with my hand.  A little more fondling, and he told me to roll over.  He started smacking my butt with his hand, then got on top of me and was punching the stuffing out of my ass.  He grabbed the paddle from the nightstand and used that.  

He turned me back over and asked if I liked to be used.  Mmmhmmm.
Hadn't I always like this, to be used and roughly treated?
Yes, Master.

He thrust into me, fucked me, slapped me, both sides of my face, over and over, made me come.  And again and again, yanking me by the legs down the bed and pulling my legs up over his shoulders...  ahhhh! Yes.  Fucking me from behind until he came inside me again.

Not how I expected the evening to go, but such a nice surprise!


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