Sunday, January 10, 2016

My cunt is for his pleasure

After a delightfully peaceful Sunday morning of making pancakes, serving Master's tea, building and stoking a fire, putting some chicken stock on to simmer atop the wood stove, sweeping and a few other chores, Master nodded his head to me and motioned with his chin in an upstairs direction.

I went up and put my leather collar on.  There are actually two reasons for this:  1. He likes to me to have it on for play and sex because it is good for grabbing and 2. my day wear collar is loose and flops up into my face if I'm sucking cock upside down.  This distracts me from my main purpose.

Master was right behind me.  He spanked me a little then laid me down on the bed for caning.  After a short session, he had me put the butt plug in and then danced me around the room in a vigorous polka. Yes, an actual polka.  The radio station that was tuned in was playing Sunday morning polka time.  It was really amusing, especially the way the plug felt in my ass as I bounced up and down.  We kissed, and laughed, and danced.  Then he gave me the signal to come.

He pushed me back to the bed, tied my hands to the headboard with the leather strap and used the wooden paddle on my cunt, then after this happy warm up, began fucking me.  It felt so amazingly good.  I had been so desperate for him, and for fucking, and for beating.

It doesn't take long for me to get desperate, does it?

He told me to get the vibrator and be on top of him.  I begged to come but he said first I had to do something for him that I didn't want to.  I did it, but then I didn't want to come any more.

I had a hard time but I came around to several hard orgasms.  He made me repeat over and over and over that my cunt is for his pleasure. And again, "My cunt is for his pleasure."

 I may not love everything I have to do, but I will do it because I am his slave.   

Thank you, Master, for owning me.  There is nothing better than that.

Eventually, after some fucking me from behind, he was on top of me again facing me, and there was much slapping, and with each slap to my face, each getting harder and harder, my orgasm built and grew stronger and stronger.  It was incredibly delicious.  

A short time later, we got up and I made some lunch, which tasted way better than ordinary food.   It was fried leftover chicken and onions, some spices, blue corn chips, melted cheese and salsa. 



  1. I so get what you mean about looser collars flopping in the way when giving BJ's! My tighest collar also gets in the way, being when I open my mouth, my chin is restricted by it.

  2. sounds like you had a lot of fun. Being a masochist myself I live for the pain but still getting use to the floggings and canings.

  3. This:

    "I may not love everything I have to do, but I will do it because I am his slave."

    That is lovely. :)


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