Monday, January 11, 2016

Morning Sex

The other day my Master had basically (in my mind) given me permission to have sex with him at some unspecified time in the future.  

I am a morning person, so I wake up pretty much every day at peak horniness.  Do you know how long it has been since we had early (before 10 am) morning sex?  I don't either.  Maybe 6 months or a year, in my estimation, or maybe more.   

Before his alarm went off (it is set for 5:55 am) I was lying there in bed awake, feeling needy for him, and wondering "Should I or shouldn't I?"  He said he wanted this, he gave me permission, but do I actually dare?

The alarm rang.  He turned it off.  I'm not allowed to wake him up, but now he was awake.  Do I dare to just go ahead and sex him up? Will I get shot down?  I have been a lot, which is why I stopped trying.  I don't know. Dither, dither.  I guess I do dare.  I pulled out my tampon ( I've been on my period since early December and how much does that suck?)  and climbed on top of him. 

I held his cock against my opening and rubbed.  I got out the lube and gave myself some extra wetness, then slid him inside me.   It felt good.  Not as good as when he does all that mean stuff to me first, but still, good. 

He told me when I could come- I'm not sure I ever would without that command.  He unsnapped the leash that was on my collar so he could position me better.  I rolled off of him for a second I was afraid he was going to get up and leave but he didn't, he just came over on top of me and fucked me hard.  I came once more as he was pounding up against my g-spot, my legs thrown up over his shoulders.  He never did orgasm, but after a bit he had to get up and get ready for work.  

I did something weird with the microwave timer so I accidentally cooked his oatmeal for 10 minutes before I started wondering why it wasn't dinging yet.  Ooops.  That oatmeal had to be thrown out and I started over.  

Later on, when he was getting dressed I was afraid to ask what he thought about our morning sex, but I pushed myself to ask anyway.  He was happy with me.  (Whew!)

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  1. Yay, and this sounds like my husband and myself. I'm always a morning person, love morning sex, but he doesn't cum in the mornings.
    Oh well, sometimes we do it anyways (when I get up the nerve, because he'll often tell me no in the mornings).


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