Sunday, January 17, 2016

Accidents Happen

Sometimes you end up with a mouth full of blood. 

We were thrashing about, me in violent orgasm and him trying to do something with my face with his thumb in my mouth.  I thrashed again and got a bleeding gash in the roof of my mouth from his nail.  I must have made some more unusual faces and whimpers, different from my normal ones.

 "Am I bleeding?" I asked, because I could taste it.

 He looked at it and said "Yes, you are bleeding a lot." I wasn't feeling any pain at that point and this made me laugh.  I had already been whipped with his belt and punched quite a lot.  We finished sexin' it up and then had a nap.

Now, though, I'm feeling it with my tongue and it is kind of uncomfortable, what with this flap of skin and still tasting blood. 

So worth it.

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