Friday, January 8, 2016

Going to the Clinic

I'm going into the new clinic again (not my regular doctor) this morning for a new IUD.   I was there on Monday, and the doctor had a zillion questions for me, including "Does your partner ever hit, kick, slap, or choke you?"  
I made her laugh when I smiled wickedly and said "Only for fun, but all of those." 

I also asked for all the STD tests they could do there, just to be on the safe side.  



  1. Good luck! That's a good way to answer a question like that. I'm never sure what to say when asked, since I'm not being abused!

  2. Oh I so hope it works out well for you!
    What a great way to answer that question!

  3. Well, it was kinda painful (like severe cramps), but didn't last long. I feel good now.

  4. I`ve got a IUD, a mirena for the five years, then when time to change, another one. For me personally they are perfect. All I would say is if you are having rough fingering/fisting, be careful of the strings. They do go soft and tend to circle around the cervix, but I have known them pulled out.

  5. It's good to hear your doctor asks question like that in case some women are actually being abused and are reluctant to come forward. And I wanted to thank you for putting thebluehue on your blogroll. I enjoy reading it and the messages between you and her. It's good to see the interactions between two submissives.



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