Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year

Well, we all survived another year, how about that?!

Our first fuck of the new year, which should always be mentioned, was this afternoon when we headed upstairs for a little siesta.  
Only not a sleeping siesta.

Master put on his hat and ripped off my robe.  He pressed up against me and told me he was going to fuck me hard.  He kissed me.  He put the hat on my head and told me to get into bed, sending me off with a smack that made me stumble.  I lay down, spread to invite and receive.  He took the willow cane from beside the bed and, sitting up between my legs, beat a little rhythm on my breasts.  Then he came up to my face and pulled my head onto his cock.  I sucked while he spanked me. 

He stopped and told me to go get my buttplug in.  It was COLD.  I tried to warm it quickly, not wanting to get in trouble for taking too long, and then shoved it on in.  Still cold, yup.

He was lying back on the bed with his hand in the leather strap when I returned.  He told me to get down there and start sucking.  Then he ordered me to fuck him.  I couldn't get him in.  I was dry, and the plug made it all too tight.  Even with lube it was tight and sore, which felt good.  He took off the leather strap and began to strike my tits with a little flogger.  It was not terribly painful, just a little stingy on my nipples.  He made me ask for the nipple clamps, and then I reached over to the bedside drawer for them, but he didn't use them right away.

Instead he let me use the vibrator and have a huge orgasm.  Also, a few smaller ones to go with it.

Then he turned me onto my back and put my wrists in the straps.  He added the nipple clamps, which are the old ones, not nearly as mean as the clover clamps.  The clover clamps must still be in the traveling toy bag, because they weren't in the drawer where they usually live.  Fucking and pulling the chain gently, the buttplug working my ass, it was all so good.  We came together at the end. 

After a little rest and possibly a snooze, he began flicking my nipples, starting by barely brushing them and going harder until I was yelping and jumping away.

Now it is night.  Nipples are still sore, ass sore from the plug, cunt well used feeling but not overly sore, these are all happy feelings for a new year.


  1. That's awesome! Happy New Year to you, my friend!!

  2. Thank you very much for this. Many of these thoughts go through my head these days as we struggle to know if we are staying together or going our separate ways. Your post helps me sort through. Thank you again


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