Monday, April 6, 2015

Ball of Girl and One Gay Dude

The last part of the title came up with that name. I don't take credit for thinking of it, but I loved it and stole it. 

That scene involved four subs/slaves/bottoms and four D-types,  a little rope, and a lot of spinning and hitting.  

One of the best parts of the night for me was a simple look, a pretty twinkle in her eye.
Soon after we arrived Mystique set up her suspension rig and then called for volunteers.  Looking at me.  I hesitated a second.  Me?  "Get up here now!"  She asked Master if it was ok, but I was already on my way.   I hung from the ceiling while she spun me, put clothespins all over me, put the clover clamps on my nipples and even hung 1 lb weights from each.   I was flying though.  Actually flying.  It had really been a long time since we got to play.  

After that was the Cards Against Humanity, then the Ball of Girl and One Gay Dude.   Or, as our dude put it:

BALL!!.. OF!... GIRL!!!!!
 oh, and one gay dude.

So fun!

I got hit with a cosh.  So, that was new, and very thuddy.   And punched, and lots of caning and paddling.   It was an excellent night.  Master wasn't done with me when we got home, either, there was still the fucking!   

After looking at bald cunt with rings, Master ordered me to shave mine again (finally!).  I like this so much better, which is kind of odd considering how long I had the full untouched look going on down there.  But I like the way it feels and looks all bare; it is so sensitive right at first too. 

 He told me again that he's getting some rings put in there when we have an opportunity.   

Then I started singing some Beyonce to him: "If you like it put a ring in it, if you like it put a ring in it... ah ah ah".   

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