Monday, April 27, 2015

Knife play

Yesterday sometime in the mid afternoon Master ordered me upstairs.  He told me to get naked, put my collar on and put my butt plug in, and he'd be there in a minute.  I did the first two, but was just getting the plug when he arrived.  I tried to work it in with lube, but it usually takes me a minute and he got impatient and said "Just shove it on in", so I did.   And it hurt.  I cried actual tears for a minute until my ass settled down an accepted it.  

Master let me suck him as he caned me.  It was a few hard strikes, and I was marked a little, even to the next day.  

Little stripes

Then he took me on the bed and there were many orgasms and deliciousness.  Afterward I took out the plug and he spanked me with the paddle, and then the misery stick.  I asked for that, yes I did.  Why?  IDK, who can explain masochism?   He was VERY enthusiastic with the paddling.   When I was all floaty he took out his big buck knife, as seen here:

He scratched my back, and scratched words into my butt (CUNT).   That part felt pretty nice, stingy on my sore ass but not too ouchie.   Then he got to my cunt lips and said he was going to make some cuts, so I should hold very still.  I was trembling a bit.  I felt sharpness sliding down my labia lengthwise, and it hurt.  I trembled more.  He did the other one and said something about blood.  He pinched up my clit.  Then he jammed hard up into my cunt and I was so frightened I began to shake and sob, but I didn't move otherwise, just lay there shaking. 

 Then he opened his hand and showed me a clothespin.  We laughed about slicing me up with a clothespin.  But I know some of that was the knife, because I saw it.  When I was all relieved and relaxed I said he wasn't going to be able to fool me forever. I was just going to start to think he was swapping out for something else.  But he's so convincing.  

Then he got this weird look in his eyes and told me to lie back and spread my legs.  He had the knife in his hand.  I lay back but when he came closer my legs snapped shut --VOOP --on their own.

"Spread your legs. You think I wouldn't use this?  Watch.  Keep your eyes open."

I didn't want to watch.  I always close my eyes during the scary parts, movies or THIS.   I forced myself to open my eyes and my legs again. 

 I looked down to where he was running the knife over my cunt.  It was in my cunt.  I know it was, but it didn't cut somehow.  He must have been doing it very carefully.  I was watching and babbling that I couldn't see, I couldn't see, I couldn't see.  You ever have hysterical babbling when you don't really know what you're saying?  It was like that. I was watching but I couldn't see.  

Then he was done and there was no pain and no blood.  
I was ok. 


Dang, knives are hot.   I was totally wiped out after that, shivered all the way through a shower together, then made lunch feeling like I was going to faint. 

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