Thursday, April 30, 2015

Visualization Helps

You know how people say that visualization can help solve the problems in your life?

Right now I'm visualizing myself as a tiny hamster running furiously on my wheel and Master's hand comes down and flicks me right off.


I think they are right, it does help.

I was struggling with trying to take control back from him the other night and yesterday morning, while calling it other things to myself, in full denial mode.  He POINK'D me a few times, and then on my morning walk I thought it all out and realized what I was doing.  Instead of continuing down the grumpy resistant thinking path I worked on finding more surrender.  Then I got home to a really stern message from him about the same topic. 
One more final flick.  

I'm good now.

Last night he had a work meeting (with free booze) and got home late, after I was in bed about *this* close to being asleep.  A couple drinks had made him all randy though, so I served my sex slave purpose.  He was really rough with the choking and slapping and stuff, so it was a real treat. 
Then again this morning, more fucking and sucking!  
Happy Master, happy slave. 


  1. hmm .. interesting that you should add "(with free booze)" that somehow is the finishing touch .. hehe

  2. Sounds like you both had a good time. I am glad you got what you were craving


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