Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I bake

When I'm upset I bake.

Today I made bread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and matzo ball soup.  

I also went to see Master for lunch because he insisted on seeing me, however briefly.  I was glad he wanted me.

The people at work are STILL giving him shit about the no potatoes for breakfast/wrong breakfast thing.  I bet no one else even remembers that.


  1. I clean and i cant sleep, hence why im still up at nearly 1am in the morning here in the UK.

    Hope it all settles down soon.


  2. Keeping busy is good thing, and your busy has visual results.

    It's nice that your Master wanted to see you. I'm sure he worries about you.

    Take care, keep baking. Do you have an extra freezer? You can always stock up.

    1. We have two growing boys- there is never anything extra here!


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