Sunday, April 26, 2015


Yesterday was the MAsT meeting and I wore my tall boots again.  Master had insisted that I wear them out Friday night to the Vagina Monologues (which was really good, alternately funny and sad- except for one skit where the writer was ragging on bald cunts.  Master reminded me it was only one woman's opinion and we didn't happen to agree with her.  He's so sensible).  Back to the boots though, I figured he would want me to wear them again so I did, with some old panty hose that were already starting to run.  He told me that was a good thing because he intended to rip them off later anyway.

The MAsT meeting was very small, as it is a new chapter in an area where M/s relationships are uncommon.   Hopefully it will grow.  Master had a good time and is interested in going back for another. Plus their dog was really sweet.    We didn't stay on the discussion topic (protocol) very long at all, but instead discussed many other fun and interesting things.  

On the way home Master had me expose my tits, and he ripped my panty hose, a large hole on the thigh.  Then he used a rubberband one-handed to snap that spot.  He has this finger trick with it.  And smacked my inner thighs a few times just to be sure.  I was getting wet.  He asked me how much I liked the panties I was wearing because he intended to cut them off when we got home.

In the driveway, I sucked his cock.

In our bedroom, he told me to get the big knife out of the toy bag.

"Now, crawl to me".   I crawled.

"You know what I want".  I did.  

When I had sucked him, he pushed me back on to the floor and began ripping away what was left of the panty hose.  
The knife.  Oh the knife.  

He turned me over and pulled me to hands and knees. My skirt scrunched up on my hips.  He made me turn and look at his knife again.   I could feel the knife on my back and my ass, scratching.  When he got to my cunt and I felt its coldness I let out a moan of fear.  He sliced away my panties, and entered me, so wet there, so good.

I was on my back again, the knife on my throat, getting fucked hard, all scary-hot.  He stuffed the wet ripped panties into my mouth and thrust in again and again, making me come.  He pulled my legs up on to his shoulders and fucked so hard and deep that it hurt.  

When I was all good and ravaged he took some pictures, then told me to take off my boots, my clothes, er, what was left of my clothes, and come to bed.

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