Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Chain on Cunt

Some theme pictures were requested of Master, by Scott.  We had fun taking them on Friday.

That last one, the chain was inside, about 6 inches of it, until my pussy clenched and chain fell out.  I kind of liked it!  Though it does pinch.

I'm so ridiculously horny today.  Last night was sweet, felt amazing, with a few strokes from the cane and then he came inside me, but this was way too short.  I could barely sleep I was so worked up.  Life as property, eh?   This morning I made breakfast and then we are off to do stuff.   I hate this insatiable feeling. 

Oh, and I had my second weekly weigh in today and I gained my one pound back, so I received punishment (NOT the sexy/ painful kind -grumpy face here).   I have walked 20 miles in 6 days and gained one pound.  My diet is obviously not going well.  Bleah.  I have no willpower. 


  1. There is something very sexy about the feel of chain on skin i think, nice pics.

    Sorry to hear about gaining the pound back, what about swimming? if that facility is near you thats good all round exercise.


    1. We do have gyms here that I used to belong to; having the money to pay for a membership right now is not happening.


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