Monday, April 6, 2015

KOTW: wax on, wax off

This is partially a repeat from September of 2013 for the Kink of the Week.  I was going to write a new one, but then I read this and thought, how am I going to do that better a year and a half later?   I'm not.  So here it is again. 

We were visiting Scott and Kaya.  And this happened.

Let's Start With Some Hot Wax in the Twat

I'll just say having hot paraffin poured into one's cunt, or ass, HURTS.  And then it cools.  And then you shift positions slightly, say because Master is saying "Spread those legs", and the hot center of the wax blob comes pouring down into new crevices, and soon I am begging for a spritz of cold water, which sometimes I get and sometimes not. 

Other than that though, the experience of lying on a mat with a group of lovely naked ladies and having several people drip on the hot wax is very fun, messy, and erotic in hot, wet, splattery ways. 

After the waxing came the un-waxing, and that stuff was EVERYWHERE.  In my hair, my ears, in every orifice.  I peeled off a bra-shaped layer from my chest.  A funny little cone came from my belly button.

SOMEONE, ahem, (cough. Scott. cough) helpfully brought my Master a short sword to help with the de-waxing process. 

 "Bend over and hold still.  This is sharp", is not entirely reassuring. 


 We have engaged in wax play twice, and this one was the first time.  The second time it was more sensual, less painful, and was done only on my back by Mystique and Master. I would definitely love to do it more, but outside would be best.  It is MESSY.
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  1. I love wax play, but you're right - it IS messy. My living room floor has a giant red splotch from wax hitting it that I cant seem to get out! The wax itself is gone, mind. Just the colour remains!

  2. I do enjoy wax play, but more so than he does, so its something i choose when i have the option. Reading this reminds me of an image i saw years ago, of a woman suspended by her feet and she had a candle in her cunt, i thought it very erotic, i wanted to try it....lets just say the reality didnt live up to the fantasy lol

  3. Oh wax play. We used to do this periodically. Like Tori, I think I enjoy it more than He did ... So it's been a while. It's something I think I should bring up sometime.


  4. I love wax play, it's just so versatile but as you say it's extremely messy! I would love Sir to flog the wax off my back but that has to be done in a hotel, I don't think I could handle finding bits of wax in odd places for years to come!!

  5. When we do wax play at parties, someone brings a disposable tarp or we whip out a set of trash bags. I've only done wax play once on the bottom, I think. It was kind of painful, but I'm not sure what kind of wax was used. I have topped it a few times. My owner likes wax play, so I'm sure we'll do it in the future. I'm eager to try again, with a different candle.


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