Monday, April 20, 2015

Playing in the Barn

Sunday we went for our walk, which was a fun time.  Pepper (dog) was our walking companion. Master was teasing me most of the time about what he was going to do when we got back.  Occasionally he'd reach over and pinch my nipple, or stick his hand in my pants.  I was already desperate for him, in fact, before we walked I'd asked if I could use my vibrator and he said no, I would have to wait (Eeeee! Undeniably it is hot to be made to wait, but so hard at the same time).

Our walk took us through a wooded area with an old falling down barn.  Master led me to the side of the barn, grabbed my throat and pressed me back up against the hard wood.  He squeezed my neck, pulled my hair back and kissed me hard.  I melted.  When he let me go I swear I felt like I had no blood left in my head. It had all rushed southward.

(Note to guys involved in WIITWD:  do this to your sub often, she'll most likely love it).

 We kept walking.  On the way home during stretches of no houses, in deserted countryside, he made me lift my shirt and flash him.  I teased him as well, with little touches and comments.

Back in our own yard I took the leash off the dog and gave it to him, at his order.  He attached the dog's leash to my collar.  Then he led me to a private corner and he relieved himself, with my "help".

Leading me with the leash, he took me to the lower part of the barn.  Once inside the first foyer he told me to take off my shirt.  He pulled down my pants and turned me to face the wall.  Master pushed me hard up against the dirty barn wall.   He pulled tight on the leash around my neck and used the other end of the leash to beat my ass.

He led me to the center aisle of the barn.  Horse stalls are on either side. The floor is hay covered. There is a wooden lidded concrete structure in the aisle that I use to store all kinds of stuff.  He bent me forward on this structure to brace and struck me with something intensely stingy.  I had to look around to see what it was.   The whip I use for sheepdog training.  Traditionally a cane or shepherd staff is used to direct the dogs, but a whip is lighter.  It's not for hitting them, but frequently it gets whacked on the ground.
 It's a lunge whip with the string/plastic thong part cut off.  The end is very ragged and frayed from many years of use, so the core is exposed.   Very stingy.  It felt so fricking good and so shockingly painful that after 5 or 6 hard strikes I was orgasming without a command.   He told me that was naughty, and pushed me to my knees in the hay and continued beating my back as I sucked him. 

In a few minutes he pulled me back to standing, took the leash off and lashed me with the full length, then more of the whip.  I was in pure ecstatic heaven by this time- it hurt so good!  I could feel welts coming up on my thighs from the whip.  I cried and moaned without worrying about who would hear me.  My pants were around my knees but I had come so hard that both panties and jeans were soaked.  The perils of squirting!  He took me then and fucked me standing bent over right there.   Then he told me to get dressed.  Everything was soaked.

We left the barn, then in a detour he led me to the garage and threw me on the hood of his car.  More fucking ensued; it felt so amazing.  He wanted to go in the house then. We zooped up to the bedroom and he pushed me on to the bed.  He took my utterly drenched panties and shoved them all deep into my mouth.  He fucked hard, I came.  He let me use the Hitachi until I was about to collapse from so many orgasms and so much fucking.  There was tit and face slapping. And more spanking.  And a lot of coming.  After an hour or so (I don't really know how long) he flipped me on my stomach and came as well.  I sometimes feel bad that he only gets one, to my dozen or more Os.  

I had only one teensy request (so greedy!).  I asked him if he would punch me.  I have no idea why, it just came into my mind- "Oooo, punching!"- like that.  

 And he did.  A whole volley of hard punches to the butt and thighs.  Then he made me stand up in the window and he kicked my ass.  Hard.  Repeatedly.  He kicked me in the cunt.  Something was running down my legs, not even sure if it was come or pee at that point.  But it was quite a kick, taking me to my knees.

After that we showered together.  I knelt while he pissed on me, then he told me to kiss it and I sucked out the last drops.  Good to the last drop?   I washed him, then when he got out I washed myself.    I was totally starving by this point.  I'm not sure a cheese and turkey grilled sandwich ever tasted so good ever before.  

A three mile walk and epic fucking will do that. 





KOTW: phone sex

Him: How are things going? Me:  Oh, you know, pretty good, but I miss you a lot. Him:  What do you miss? Me:  I miss you touching me. ...