Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My False Hope is Adorable. Evidently.

Last night as he was getting ready to ravage me (again! God I love him and his appetites so! Anyway...distracted lol)  he said it was time for my daily punishment.  I had actually deluded myself into thinking there would just be the one punishment.  Or I was hoping that he had forgotten about the punishment for gaining that one pound back being DAILY and was hoping that just the one on Sunday would be sufficient.  The way my mind plays tricks on me, I'm not even sure if it was wishful thinking or purposeful misremembering. Probably some of both. 

Anyway, he told me that if I was really, really good there was a chance that he would forgo the punishment for this one night only.  Hanging on to that little hope, I like to think that I was really, really good at sucking cock.  He was moaning with happiness, which is a pretty reliable indicator.  He made me pretend to be other women and called me by other names, which is pretty degrading.  

Soon he was fucking me.  He tied my hands to the bed.  When I was riding on top he asked me what I would like most right now.   I gave the required "Whatever you want, Master" reply but then he asked me again what I wanted, which means I had to give another answer, something that I really did want.   I thought for a minute, then said I would like to lie on my side and suck his cock while using the vibrator, and also with him spanking me at the same time.  I get overwhelmed with good feelings while doing that.  He had me describe it for him again in much greater and sexy detail. 

Then he let me have my desire. He let me do this - he took out a leather strap and beat my ass hard as I sucked.  It was just as good as I imagined, and I came hard and muchly.  Then he fucked me from behind and punched me.  Yum.

When he was done it was punishment time.  That was when he told me my false hope of avoiding it was adorable.

Tummy raspberries. Plus he bit my stomach.  Hate that so bad.

Let's see...5 more days to go.   


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