Friday, April 17, 2015

Morning Quickie Fun

This morning Master woke and began our normal snuggle time by telling me to roll over.  I pressed against him. He squeezed my tits.  I asked if I could touch myself and he said yes.  Then he choked me and told me I was a whore who was going to placed in an orgy tent and used in all my holes by a horde of guys.  Then he told me to come, and to get down there to suck his cock.  I thought any moment we are going to have to get up- the alarm had already gone off twice- but then he pulled me up and entered my cunt.  I came, he came, then it was time for me to make breakfast and him to shower.  

I had a school meeting to go to last night, so we missed our walk together, but it is almost the weekend now when he'll have a day and a half off.  We are doing Trivia with Mystique and her team.

Trivia is a 24 hours a day for three days game (on a local radio station) that practically our whole town plays, and others play around the country who have some connection to here.   It's pretty crazy fun. 


  1. Listening to the stream in Australia right now. Apparently some teams enlist aussies to allow them to sleep. Listening to "Be My Baby " by the Ronettes

    1. Wow, I did not know that. We are way more casual about it. Didn't even stay up all night.


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