Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Master got into bed ahead of me last night, but when I came up he told me to pick a whacking stick for him.  I asked about several while I was rummaging through the drawer and changing my collar, and he said to bring the crop.  I lay on my stomach on the bed as he began to work me over.   

It was most wonderfully hurty.  He turned me over and did the other side too.  Between my legs especially.  Then he had me roll back over for 6 really hard ones.  He said he'd count down from "six" and I could orgasm when he reached one.  But only the REALLY hard ones were going to count.  

Whap! "Six"  Ow.

tapatapatapataaptap tap tap

WHAP  "Five"  On my thighs, owwww again!

 tapatapatapataaptap tap tap

and so on down.  I was getting wiggly squirmy by then, having built up to and thinking about that coming orgasm the whole time.

I heard the swish of the crop coming down fast, but this time it never landed on me.  And again and again, feeling nothing except that it brushed my shoulder.  He was beating the pillows and sheets, psyching me out, making me squiggle and tremble with the anticipation of want/don't want/just do it/get it over with torture.

And finally WHAP to my backside "One" and I came.  

I thought he was done, but nope.

He cropped me even more after that.  I was very much blissed out when he said it was bedtime, that was all he wanted tonight.   I thanked him and kissed his hands. 

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