Saturday, April 4, 2015


What I want to know is why am I going along like a normal day, cleaning the house, making cake, taking the kid for a haircut, when all of a sudden my brain revolts and spins me into a minor depression.
I ate lunch.  I can't be hungry, can I?  I don't know.  Last night Master threatened to hold weekly weigh ins with punishments for each lb I gain (I had complained to him that I was gaining weight) so today I have been trying to eat a little less, a little healthier, but I'm not close to starving myself or anything.  I think I would like the weigh-ins. 

I know it will be better soon.  It will pass.  I should take my own advice and soak up some sun.  Really soak in it, not just breeze through it.   And then I need to make pizza.   


1 comment:

  1. Boy do I ever know how that is! You're right, it will be better soon. Focus on some good things.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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