Thursday, April 16, 2015

Doing Better, plus ouchy stick

After lunch with Master yesterday I felt pretty numb all afternoon while I baked things.  He came home, we walked and everything felt back to normal, not awkward or painful anymore.  He had not meant to hurt my feelings and he did feel quite bad.

By bedtime we were all good again.  I sat on the floor rather drowsily at his feet while he did some work.   It was time for my beating then, as he'd been hankering to do it (and fuck me) all day.

He brought home a new rod from work, a found item, which is quite nice (wrong word there!).  It is painful but not horrible.

Here's a picture to show thickness. It is just a stiff, hollow, plastic tube, about 2 feet long:

It looks kind of odd there.  I think it is just the rug pattern doing the odd stuff. The shape also makes me think of other uses.

He tied me face down, wrists and ankles secured, to the bed and told me I had to sing along with him.  

We sang Glory, Glory Halleluiah, Holy Holy Holy and several other religious numbers while he beat on me.  It put me into a very special space.

  ("Oh God!" ... "Yes, my child?" he says.)  

Then he untied my legs, flipped me over and fucked me thoroughly.  At one point he got out the nipple clamps and attached them (after I mentioned that I'd found them and placed them handily in the bedside table drawer.  Last time he wanted them, they were buried in one of our bags we had taken to a party and I couldn't find them in time.  He had to make do with clothespins then).  But this time the clamps were right there and handy.  I forgot how much more they hurt than clothespins.  

What night was it that he put clothespins on my tongue and nose?  It was only a few days ago but I think I forgot to write about it. 

 I kind of liked that, in an orgasmic sense.  

So that was our night. 


This is unrelated, but because sometimes you just need a great story here is:  

Hodor and the prosthetic penis


  1. I was so happy when Master was finished with His re-model more scraps or various tools to spank me with. My first look at the pic...made me think...reminds me of something else....LOL...we were on the same track. Love His reply to the 'Oh God"...hugs abby

  2. Happy you're feeling better!

  3. Hmm, I have a white "stiff hollow plastic tube" just like that ... and allthough I suck at singing religious songs (or any songs for that matter). I bet it will make her sing ;-)

    Sidenote: Been lurking for some time, hope you feel better, like the blog !

  4. I'm so glad you are back to rights. It really does take all the parts to make the whole thing work.


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