Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What do you do?

What do you do when your feelings are hurt?  
How do you become unhurt?  

Or at least stop crying.


  1. It depends on how and why your feelings got hurt sister. What happened?

  2. Yes, it depends on the situation. You don't have to say exactly but rather ask yourself how important is it all to you, because mouse doesn't think there's an expiration date on hurt. Depending on who, why and how....

    Just sending some big hugs and an extra box of tissues.

  3. Sorry to hear you are hurting.

    Like sub hub said it depends.

    If its someone i really care about then i would like to think i could talk to them, explain why im hurting, to try to resolve it and hope we could move past it.

    Its a cliche i know, but time, time will make it easier, in the meantime i might vent on my blog...well you have seen a lot of my vents lol

    Questions i would be asking myself would be...did they mean to hurt your feelings? if so why? because sometimes people dont intend to, they just dont think about what they are saying and the impact it has.



  4. This is a very personal answer, but there is little I can do in that situation. If I am hurt and I've gotten into my own head, I just need to cry it out. Trying to make sense of it will just make it worse. If someone else hurt you and you can talk to them about it, then do that. They may help you to get through.

    But don't rush it. If you need to cry, cry. There is nothing wrong with that and once you are done, you will be able to hear and move on. Forcing yourself past something before you are ready can cause more problems.

    I hope you can take the time you need to get through this. Hurt is just that, it's hurt. But it's not permanent, and it doesn't have to change you.

    Good luck and we are all here for you.

  5. I go through a mix of emotions, sometimes cry, then angry, cry some more, get angry at myself for feeling or allowing myself to be hurt, then there is chocolate, lots of it! I try not to dwell, but often look at the circumstances of the "hurt" am I being over sensitive (it has been known) was I tired, over reacted or are they just they did not realise they were hurting me or did it on purpose. I reflect back, often using a reflective model, why did it happen, could I have changed it, was it going to happen anyway and why I am reacting this way, all the way around to the outcome. It works for me and is something I have used often ( I use it at work predominately) For me, it brings closure and there is only so much chocolate you can eat before you are sick or the size of a house. It does depend on the "hurt" of course and the degree and reason why. Sometimes I talk to the person/s involved, if it is that type of relationship, where I can say calmly, "you hurt me" or "I feel hurt because of". I do try and give second chances, even third, depending on the circumstances, but if its a biggie, off the scale, no going back from this. I have been known to walk away. Now if you could just come over here, I have the perfect kitchen for all that baking of yours and I will share my chocolate with you, Deal? Xx


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