Friday, April 10, 2015

Stabbed By What??

"Naked" he commanded. "Slavegirl should be naked."

I threw my robe off to the side, and then hesitated, unsure of whether he wanted me standing or kneeling on the floor as I was.

That was cleared up quickly, when he told me to lie on my stomach.  He had two canes, and beat out a fast rhythm on my posterior.  I moaned and stretched up to meet the sticks.   He whipped me with the dragon tail, so nice and stingy.  I was so incredibly horny, but there wasn't going to be any fucking, only beating, last night.  Beating is good too.  

When I was nice and pink and sore, he got up, then came back and told me to look.  I turned my head.  In his hand was his old pocket knife.  

"I'm going to cut you.  I might just cut the shit out of you".

I felt it sharp on my back.  Instantly, I was flying off into subspace.  There was no stabbing though, no blood, just the scratching.

Then he pulled apart my ass cheeks.  I had a moment of panic when I felt it against my ass... he's going to put a knife in my ass? But the panic was happening to someone else; I was outside myself.  Ok, whatever, knife in ass, bloody mess, these things happen, right?   I don't know where my self preservation has gone. Instead of my ass  I feel a sharp prick on my cunt. 

"You wanted a piercing?  How about this way?"

I moan with a combination of ecstacy and helpless panic, if that even makes sense. I'm not sure it does.  I'm trying to hold very still, but wanting to wiggle to get that thing, anything, inside me.  

So desperate.

A few more sharp pokes, but no pain; he hasn't cut me at all.  A quick slash across my ass, but I'm still ok, right?  He puts it back up against my cunt, pulls my hair and tells me to come.  I come.

He turns me over, with one hand over my eyes so I can't see anything.  He presses the knife to my throat and makes me come again. He takes the knife away and slaps me.  Bliss!

At the end he has me open my eyes and I have to laugh at what he shows me.  The old pocketknife has been replaced by an Allen wrench of all things. I'm still not sure which, if any, was the knife at all.  Maybe it was all the Allen wrench, which isn't even sharp.  But it FELT sharp.


Allen wrenches, haha, very funny, Master!

He told me to get into bed, but I was blissed out on the floor.

A sharp "MOVE!" whipped me into action and I stumbled at a run to bed.  When he got there he told me to roll over because he wasn't done yet.  He grabbed both my wrists, held them over my head and used the leather strap on me until I came again. 

Then it really was bed time. 

Oh, by the way, Master says this is for Travis and thank you.  :) 



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  1. Sounds wonderful. Knife play is so scary and arousing at the same time



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