Monday, April 20, 2015

Correction of Derpy Slavecunt

A simple correction can be the best thing ever, even if it makes me feel shame at needing that correction.  But the way he did it, his tone of voice, his look, made me settle into my surrendered mind, made me feel so owned and loved and just contented somehow.  Not that I like having to be corrected, but just the way he did it... I apologized, then settled into a comfy spot at his side to watch movies, utterly blissed out.

The situation:  I had mildly complained about having to go home from Mystique's house.  He put up with that one.  Yes, I know we had stuff to do at home and needed to leave at a certain time.  That didn't mean I wanted to have to leave just then.  I could have just left it at that.  But no.  I brought it up again later.  Derpy mistake.

He gave me that look.

And in THAT tone, told me he was done with me questioning his decision on this matter.  That was when I apologized.  And got all unaccountably squishy in the feelings.  

I do love being his slave so much.  Thank you Master. 

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  1. Sometimes all it needs is 'that' tone or the 'look' and i feel sort of ashamed when i get either of those but yet at the same time,,,its kind of hot lol


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