Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A little extra

Last night Master put me between his knees on the floor while he looked at porn.  It is VERY common for me to be there.  Not every day, but at least several times a week this is my spot.  I suck, he pays almost no attention to me. By the time it has been several minutes I am desperate for his attention, and after 10, 20, 30 minutes I would just give anything for more of it.  When he pulls my hair and shoves his cock further down my throat, or takes it out of my mouth to slap my face I'm nearly gushing.  He tells me to come after slapping me half a dozen times with his dick.  I come.  I'm so needy and horny at that point, but I just concentrate on pleasing him.  I frequently remind myself that this is my place, here pleasing him and that I have no choice at all.  When I look up at him and he's looking only at the screen I feel very low indeed.  This makes me even more needy and wet. 

After a long time, we went upstairs.  I had to do a few things first, which were approved, so he was waiting for me in the bed.  I sucked him again, trying to make him come.   He spanked me, then he tied my hands to the bed and took me.  It was wonderful and I came several times, then he came.  

But I wanted a tiny bit more.. so I debated whether to say something, and ended up asking him if I could use the vibrator.  He said yes, but also I had to bring him a whacking implement.  I picked up a wooden cane because it was handy, and he beat me while I had maybe a half dozen more orgasms.   Wooo, that was a lot more "extra" than I was expecting. 

I then reminded him that I hadn't gotten the tummy blows for the day.  I didn't write about my Sunday weigh in because I was shocked and disappointed to find out that I gained three pounds.  

That means THREE punishments every day all week.  But Monday he only did two since he was saving one and then forgot it.  So that means I was getting four.   I hated it.  Four horrible tummy blows.  With much anticipation. And Jaws theme music.  Afterward he reminded me that he could do much more, as many as he wanted, anytime he wanted, because I was his slave.   I agreed, of course. 


We still don't have a new/used car, so I'm still stuck at home.  I think this may be preying on Master's mind more than it does mine.  I'm resigned to not leaving the house, and it doesn't bother me as much as it does him that I have to grocery shop on weekends or nights.   The weather has been beautiful, so I walk, and I finished planting the vegetable garden and other outdoor chores.  I'm pretty chuffed that I manage to re-hang one of the big gates alone.

  I'm a long way from getting the same kind of cabin fever I get in the winter.


  1. I'm impressed by the waiting/sucking/on the floor... Besides the want for attention and desires of my own, i would have trouble with insecurities that he really wanted me there at all. It's a couple of areas i need to work on.

    1. That is something he beat into my head very early on was what he expected of me being his slave. I felt the same as you, even breaking down and crying about it, but it was a hurdle to get past in my mind. Am I nothing but a mouth for him to use or cunt at times? Sure. Not all the time, but sometimes. By being that I'm pleasing him, which pleases me also, and anyway it is not optional.

  2. Although i enjoy the objectification of scenarios such as that, im terribly impatient and get frustrated at waiting for some attention, i used to get quite irritable but i have learnt to just get on with it.....ok i might mumble a little bit lol



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