Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Saturday Night Part IV: Swap

I was given over to Sophie in a sub/slave swap, as my Master asked me "Do you remember your rules?"  I did, of course.  No butt sex.

She used the dragon tail on me, which I'd asked for.  I got some pretty marks, and it was wonderfully painful.  

Whip marks. Yum.

 And then she picked up a paddle.  This hurt so much worse, especially on top of the caning I'd already had.   There may have been some other implements but my mind was pretty fuzzy by then and I don't remember (Sophie, help?).  I just remember it was pretty seriously hurty.  

Meanwhile Master was beating Sophie's little girl, Bratastic (not her real name) right off to the side.  I could hear her moans and cries and every now and then caught a glimpse of his belt. 

 She pulled my hair, and slapped me, and whispered nasty things in my ear.  That was all kinds of hot.  She put me on my knees and I helped unzip to take out her cock and begin sucking it.  I was very eager to do this, and came several times myself.  She praised me, which made me feel quite happy.  I sure do get lots of practice/training at home! 

Then she put me back up on the table, this time lying on my back with my legs spread.  She paddled my inner thighs which hurt like fuck.  She explained this counting game to me, and I tried and utterly failed to count anything like correctly.  My brain was so out of it, and the paddle hurt so much that all the thoughts were driven out.  

The game was there would be 30 smacks on each thigh.  But alternating randomly between thighs:  2 here, 3 there, 4 here, 2 there.  I had to keep separate count of each thigh-smackage, in my head, not out loud.  Each time I counted wrong, it would start back at zero.  I asked if I could use my fingers.

No, of course not.  

I couldn't do it.  

Ok, how about if you just count to ten?

I couldn't do that either.

But I could suck cock. And I could have the clamps on my sore nipples again and have the chain pulled.  We did that too.

Then she asked me what I wanted next.  I made some inarticulate motions and mouthed a word.

She was smiling.

I got a condom out and laid on my towel on the floor.  She gripped my hair hard.  Tightened her hand in my collar until I was limp. Slapped my face.  Shit, I love that too much.   She fucked me. I came.  A bunch. The whole time I could hear Bratastic's loud moans and cries in the background which spurred me to orgasm again and again.  I couldn't see what Master was doing to her but I could hear some of the things he said.  

What a wicked man!

She whispered more nasty, sexy, dirty things in my ear and I began to struggle.  More smacking, trying to get away, pinned to the ground, flipped over, punched in my shoulders and back, more fucking until we were exhausted.  

This was such a great night.   

It was very late, and too soon we had to get back home.  When I finished taking care of my dogs and came to bed, Master was still not done with me.  He fucked me again.  The stripes on my ass and thighs ached. My cunt ached. My nipples ached.  He told me all about the things he'd done earlier as he fucked me from behind.

In the morning, I got up early and had coffee, but as soon as he woke he ordered me back upstairs for more fucking.  I was so sore, but even that made it extra good for me. Crazy masochism.   He let me use the Hitachi while he was taking me.   I thought about the previous evening and came massively. 


  1. I just noticed this is my 1,000th blog post. That is a lot of rambling!!

  2. Congratulations!!! and I love reading them!

  3. I just read all four parts of this....I am in awe of you....I would write more...but i need to get a permission rather quickly.
    Congrats on 1000...
    hugs abby

  4. You are one hot little slut.
    Congratulations on 1000 blog posts!

  5. Wow. I think I'm impressed you survived.

  6. Looking forward to the next thousand as you tell us all the ways you serve your Master.



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