Friday, February 5, 2016

30 Days of Kink, Day 15: An activity that I'd like to try?

Day 15: Post A BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.

I don't normally do bucket lists for kink, because the things I try are most often not up to me.  Once in a while my Master asks me if there is something new I want to try, but just because I have an interest doesn't mean he has an interest in doing it.  

Then I have this weird thing that goes on in my brain-  if he's not interested, I don't really want to do it.  Sure, he might let me seek out another Top to try some new activity, but that's not the point to me.  Most of all I want to serve his desires, not go off exploring my own interests.   When he wants to see me get whipped (or other play) by another Top/Dom, then I love that.  If he didn't, it would rapidly squelch my interest as well.

That said, I do have an interest in cuttings.  I don't know if he will ever want to do this, but we do a lot of knife play of the non skin piercing kinds, and both really enjoy that, so maybe it is not such a stretch to think maybe sometime he will take it further.  It's something I'm curious about, anyway. 

When I have played with other Doms, my Master has always told them "no blood" as a limit for any knife play with them. 


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