Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 24: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

I want the one I marry to have that certain, special something... 

Stop that! Cut that out!  No singing!

I don't know, I'm not looking for a partner.  What I like about my Master: he is funny, intelligent, sexy, decisive (usually), responsible (usually), he loves dogs, he can be kind or mean, depending on what is needed.  Just a little bit oversexed, like me.  He also has that certain special something that has always drawn me into him.  I can't really name it. 

If the question is about play partners, there are some general qualities that I would want (if I got the choice- sometimes I don't): that I like them as a person, they are a friend, they are trustworthy, and they share interests in the sort of play I like. Also it is most important that they recognize the nature of Master's and my relationship and don't expect me to be an independent entity.

There are some people I'm just drawn to, and I really can't explain why that is.  

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