Monday, February 15, 2016

Squirting on my Head

This happened today.

Master had me on the couch, having come home from work early.  I was extremely wet, after he'd given me a LOT of orgasms with the vibrator and his toes.  Yes, toes.  In my cunt.

Anyway, he had me on the couch, with my feet up in the air, and he was fucking me- I was all bent into a circle, nearly standing on my head.  He pulled out and I squirted ALL over the place.  All over my face, all over him, all over me, everywhere.   Then he sent me off to the grocery store without letting me wash up at all, smelling like sex, purely for the humiliation of it.  


  1. and being the good lil masochist you are you loved every minute of it. did you forget anything? I would

    1. No, I think I got it all. I had a list though, otherwise I'd forget everything I wanted to buy every time.

    2. Ooops, my Master reminded me that I did forget one thing he wanted, a new lighter.


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