Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Master

Is just the best.  Have I mentioned that? 

Yesterday started out with a quick morning fuck which left me really, really desperately horny.  Annoying how that works, isn't it?  
Master told me I could masturbate after everyone left, but by then I was feeling sick and didn't want to. 

I got really gloomy for the rest of the day and Mystique came over to cheer me up (I also wonder what I have done to deserve a friend this awesome) with some dog walking, and generally just being there.  That helped, but after I made a minimal effort dinner I went to bed and stayed there.   It was only 6:30 and Master wasn't even home yet.  

When he got home he ate, washed all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, fed the lamb, put the kids to bed, and brought me a heating disk (I was freezing cold even with the space heater cranked up and the electric blanket on).   I finally had to get up at 10 to take care of the dogs.  They don't listen to him when I'm around- they just cling around me by the bed and refuse to go outside.  Pepper was actually lying on my feet even though she's not allowed on the bed- either she knew I was too out of it to stop her or she had some  care-taking motivation.  

Anyway, he was so good to me I felt guilty, but I'm feeling much better so far this morning and I got up to make his tea and breakfast.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. And isn't it wonderful when our Master's/Sir's/Spouses just know that we need a little extra help. Don't feel guilty. I know I'm a hypocrite saying that, but still. We all need a little help sometimes. And I'm sure you will show your appreciation when you feel better :)
    Take care,


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