Sunday, February 28, 2016

Come and Go. And Come.

We were in the kitchen this morning and I was cooking up some bacon and pancakes.  Master called me over to the table where he was having his tea.  I came within arm's length, but there was a dog lying at his feet so it was hard to get right up there.  He told me to come closer, so I ooched my way in.  He pulled open my robe and touched my cunt.  

He told me I was his little cunt, his little slave-cunt.  I smiled and said "Yes, Master."  He pulled open my robe (all I was wearing) and petted me.

Then he told me to go check the bacon.  As I started to move he took a firm grip on my pussy hair.  I stopped moving.  He repeated his command, "Go on, check the bacon."   I started to pull back, tentatively so as not to hurt myself.  More sharply now, he commanded "Go!"  I pulled hard against him, hurting myself as he didn't let go of my hair at all.   "Now Come!" he said, and I orgasmed, right there.  When it stopped he smiled at me and let me go.

He's got me coming and going. 


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