Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Just Try and Call Red

I have a sore ass.  And I am happy about that.

I got a thorough smack down today, with much beating and wrestley-struggley-rapey (but not really rape because, gods, I wanted it bad!) sex, and also with me calling red a few times after he said "Just try and call red. I want you to say no." 

 So I did.  But he got even more intense.  

During the struggles, I managed to escape a few times and crawl across the floor away from him.  Then I'd sit on my heels and wait for him to make the next move.  

Sometimes the move was just to order me to crawl to his feet so he could smack me with the bamboo sticks while I sucked his cock. 

 Sometimes he was just taking a brief break, letting me think I'd got away, so that he could go get the clover clamps.  Putting them on upside down at the very tip so they hang and twist is way worse, by the way.  He told me kaya said that was a good way to do nipple clamps.  It's not! 

Then he stopped so I could put the butt plug in.  Now I couldn't struggle, because of the strings, you see.  The butt plug has strings on it, to relieve my anxiety about it vanishing up into my butt, but if those strings get yanked suddenly- OUCH!   So I behaved with docility, and had my ass paddled again.  After it was nice and pink he had me on top of him facing away so he could make a video of his cock sliding in and out of me.  

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