Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend: Whips and Knives

Saturday was our munch/demo and the topic was whips and dragon tails.  After getting permission I had volunteered to be the demo bunny, and Mystique was doing the presentation.   I got WAY more out of it than possibly one should from a simple demo, for a whole lot of reasons.  She saw me start to fade at one point and warned sternly "Don't you dare go into subspace on me!"  I pulled myself back.

  My Master also demonstrated his belt whipping technique, using the purse strap with the sharp edges rather than his regular soft, well broken in belt, which had been left at home on the ironing board after the last time it was used.  When I packed the toy bag I was thinking "whips" not "belt".  The purse strap just happened to be in there already.  That thing is quite painful.

Sunday morning we went to the YMCA with Mystique and hasufel and our kids and had a great times swimming, playing "shark" and "Marco Polo", the classic pool games.   We were in there for an hour and a half, which was really good exercise- I know I felt it later in my arms.   Then we went out to eat at a place which was really tasty, but was dreadfully slow.  We were soooo hungry too.  There was just one overworked waitress for the whole place.

Sunday night I reluctantly asked Master if he would play with me, then felt pangs of guilt and worry over this.  I don't know if I'll ever get over that.  I can just imagine feeling the same way years from now.  Ugh.  I'm the peon.  Of course he won't play with me if he doesn't want to.  He had been intending to beat me but not fuck me anyway, before I even asked.  So I guess that's good that we were on the same wavelength.  I just didn't realize it.

He had me lie in the middle of the floor as he caned me.  When I was good and warmed up he brought out that wicked looking new knife he has

He scratched it across my ass, and poked into my cunt lips with it.  This made me tremble in fear.  I couldn't see what was going on down there, could only feel the sharp cold steel against me.  At one point it pressed into my sensitive clip which was painful.  He had me on my back at that point.  He held me by the hair and pressed the knife to my throat.  He traced it across my face as I tried to hold perfectly still even with the involuntary shudders going through me.

When he told me to get up and go to bed, he was still whacking me with the cane the whole way, for encouragement, I guess. 

It was a very hot night, and I came away with all my bits intact!


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