Saturday, February 13, 2016

Painful Fun Day Today

Last night Master fucked me at bedtime, and it was quick, just like he told me it would be.  "I'm going to use you just for my pleasure.  You will be my cum-dumpster." I didn't even giggle at that, just panted hard and rubbed up against him as I sat in his lap.   After being fucked, I had a hard time sleeping, as I was still all worked up.  

This morning I woke up early, about 6:00, fed the lamb, made some coffee, wrote my previous blog entry and played on the computer.

 Master got up around 8:00 and I made his breakfast- bacon, fried potatoes with cheese and Tabasco.  Then I rubbed his feet.  Some of the time his foot was in my cunt.  I was dripping wet.  

He took me upstairs.  I stopped in the bathroom but he came after me  as I was sitting there.  He took my chin in his hand and made me look up at him.  I was still trying to finish peeing.  He slapped me a couple times on the cheek, then pulled my head down to his cock.  I sucked him eagerly, his hand on the back of my head. 

When he let go of me I was able to finish my business there and head into our room.
He tied me up with a rope harness, then caned me.  I was standing by the dresser when he left, went to a table drawer and came back with the clover clamps dangling from his hand.  My body tried to shrink into the ground while I reminded myself silently "You can do this, you have before and it will be ok. It's just pain."  He placed them on my nipples and it was ok at first.  But as he began caning me again it became more and more not ok until I barely felt the stick past the throbbing ache in my nipples.  He removed them eventually (it probably wasn't that long but seemed forever) and put me on the ground, with one foot on the back of my neck. I knelt, head down, as he caned me even harder.  My hands clenched spasmodically on the ground and then in my hair as I struggled not to make a sound.  

Master got behind me and thrust into me hard, painfully at first, but pleasurable/painful.  Then I came and it was just pleasure.  He stood up, caned me lightly between the legs which had me panting again, then he had me roll over for the breast caning.

He put the clover clamps on my labia and pulled them, telling me to orgasm.  Add the butt plug, then more fucking.  Even he could feel how cold the plug was inside me- right through the inner walls! Add the Hitachi, and some more caning.  The clover clamps on the back part of my pussy- I don't even know what that is called- back almost to the taint, but where there is still some lip- he clamped that part together with one clamp.  That was hotly painful. 

He took me again and came inside me, then we crawled into bed for a little almost-nap and cuddling.  

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